Text with your Guests

Streamline hotel operations, create highly personalized guest experiences and maximize property revenues.

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You initiate the first conversation through Pre-arrival messaging

Immediately after a guest confirms a booking, Andrea, your hotel’s AI assistant on Cord.travel sends them a welcome message to let them know that the reservation is complete. This quickly establishes a direct and personal line of communication with your guest.

Now that you have established the ideal conversation setting for the personalized experience you want to deliver to the guest, the guest finds it easy and straightforward from theron to initiate their own requests as well.

Your guests do not have to download any apps to talk to you

You message your guests directly from Cord.travel whilst they text you through the messaging channel of their choice - SMS, Whatsapp, Messenger, RCS.

Andrea fields requests from your guests and responds in under a second whilst routing all actionable items to the right department or associate, back-of-house.

Andrea works for your hotel 24/7/365. Very much as a member of your team - and she never gets tired at work like we humans.

The value of text messaging is indisputable

More than 80% of the travellers would love to text their hotel. And texts that you sent could be opened by your guests 98% of the time.

Customer satisfaction scores are higher for business text messaging than any other communication channel currently available.

Conversations start and stop at guest’s own convenience. And conversation history is always visible for quick reference.

Serve guests efficiently with Andrea, the AI Assistant on Cord.travel working seamlessly with your staff. Send proactive, timely, relevant messages to keep guests engaged and informed from booking thru checkout and thereafter.