Text with your Guests

Deliver personalized guest experiences during the entire stay life cycle through the hotel's Facebook page, on FB Messenger, WhatsApp and through SMS/Text.

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Cord.travel helps hotels deliver personalized guest experiences through the entire stay life cycle:

Pre-booking, Post-Booking, During the Stay and Post Checkout through

Facebook Page

Facebook Messenger



Guests can communicate with the property just like they would with friends and family

And the hotel responds instantly through intelligent automation.


Instead of making phone calls or sending email, if guests can message your hotel and get instant responses when they are researching a purchase, they would message your hotel way more often than they are doing these days.

During the pre-booking stage, the guest may need answers to questions about what your property has on offer. Like, how much is the parking cost?; Is there valet parking?; is there a refrigerator in the rooms?; Are the pools heated in winter?; How far is the hotel from the stadium?; and so forth.

  • When you provide this information within an instant of their asking, it’s more likely your guest would choose your property instead of the competition.
  • And when guests communicate seamlessly with the hotel through messaging apps like FB Messenger and WhatsApp at the pre-booking stage, it will be possible to get your guests to book directly with the hotel rather than with an OTA. Hefty OTA fees saved without breaking the rules!
  • Thirdly, you are shifting pre-booking conversations from public portals like TripAdvisor into your own secure walled garden, where you get to capture critical information about the guest, that can be useful for now and for the future.


For a lot of guests, it’s after they have completed the booking (mostly through an OTA) that they see the need to talk to the hotel.

This could do with room upgrades, early check ins, airport transfers and more, all of which have the potential to earn additional revenue for the hotel.

The guests may also, after having completed the booking, want to know more about the facilities and amenities before they travel: do you have hairdryers in the room, can i send a package from Amazon to the hotel? Is wifi free, how much is valet parking, is there a pool, is the pool heated? And so forth.

Also, they may want to inform the hotel about late arrival or a delayed flight so that the room is kept ready for the guest even if the guest is checking in late.

Again, if the guest could message you and get instant responses instead of making a phone call or sending an email, they would message the hotel more often with their requests before they check in.

If the hotel has the guest’s mobile number or the guest has already messaged the hotel, the hotel can send reminders to the guests about the upcoming stay, including sending a link for online check in, a day prior to the check-in date. The hotel can also message offers on room upgrades, early check-ins, airport transfers etc, all of which have potential for earning additional revenue.

During the stay

Once the guest arrives, can they check in without waiting in line?

And once checked in, they can request for some missing amenities or some extras desired. All by messaging straight from their favorite messaging app.
I want some extra towels; I forgot my toothbrush, can I get one sent?;

Or get information on how to get where they want to go.
Where is the Fitness Center located?; Is there a CVS close by?; Any sushi places close by?;

Or just plain information that can help them during the stay.
What’s the wifi password?; When does the Pool close?; Happy hours in the bar?;

Or pass on information for hotel to take action.
I am expecting a package from amazon. Kindly deliver to my room; I do not want housekeeping today; I want help with my luggage;

More than 80% of the travelers would love to text their hotel through the messaging app of their choice. And texts that you send could be opened by your guests 98% of the time.