How to Get Guests to Message Your Property on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has over 2.0 billion users worldwide. Digital Front Desk makes it easy for Guests to message your property at various stages of the Stay and receive instant responses to their questions/requests on WhatsApp.

Acquire a WhatsApp Business Number

The first step in the process is to acquire a WhatsApp Business Number for your property.

Property Facebook Page

When Guests visit your Property’s Facebook Page, the Send Message button on the Facebook Page initiates a new conversation or restarts an earlier conversation with your Property on WhatsApp.

Guest Chat Widget for WhatsApp On Your Property’s Website

Have a Guest Chat Widget for WhatsApp on your property’s Website. This will automatically connect to your property’s Digital Front Desk.

This integrates the WhatsApp experience directly into your Property’s website including when the Guests are in the process of booking a room.

Recent chat history between the Guest and the Property’s Digital Front Desk is automatically loaded, thus creating a single experience for the Guest and also enabling the Guest to continue the conversation even after they have left the Property page.

Ads that click to WhatsApp

Ads that click to WhatsApp allow you to add a call-to-action button to your ad that will open a conversation with your property’s Digital Front Desk on WhatsApp.

Here, you leverage Facebook targeting to find Guests with an intent to travel to your Property’s city/location in the near future, say in the next two weeks.

You can also create a look-alike audience to target your ads. This way, you can reach new people who are likely to stay at the property because they are similar to your best existing Guests. links and QR codes on digital and physical media.

The short url directs users to your Property’s Digital Front Desk on WhatsApp. should be published on the Property website, on email newsletters, on marketing collaterals, on bookings confirmation, on check in reminders, any other communication that goes to your Guests as also at the Front Desk, the Guest Rooms and the Facilities. can be displayed as QR codes which can be scanned with the Guest’s phone camera and quickly connect with the property’s Digital Front Desk on WhatsApp. link opens a new channel in the Guest’s phone if they have not conversed with you as yet or takes the Guest to the existing conversation with your property on WhatsApp, if they have already conversed with you.

Get Guest Mobile Numbers at check in

  • Train the Front Desk to ask for mobile numbers if you do not already have it in the PMS. Update the PMS with the number.
  • The Front Desk should also remind the Guest that they can communicate with the property on WhatsApp with the property. Encourage them to scan the QR code kept on the Front Desk and communicate with the property, even a Hi is fine.

Use Pre-approved WhatsApp templates to start conversations

  • Use templates pre-approved by WhatsApp to initiate conversations with your Guests.
  • These templates SHOULD NOT contain advertising, marketing or promotional text including upselling, survey polls, coupon offers etc.
  • However, they could belong, but not limited to the following categories:
    • Verification: such as login verification, 2-factor authentication for your loyalty programme
    • Confirmation: such as a booking confirmation
    • Alert: such as a package has arrived in the guests name
    • Reminder: such as a reminder for the next day’s scheduled stay at the property
    • Referring to an earlier conversation more than 24 hours back: Such as ‘We now have more information on the question you asked earlier..’

Again, these restrictions are limited to the templates. Nothing stops the property from sending an offer or a survey request or upsell to a guest who is already in conversation with the property in the last 24 hours!

How Guests can start a conversation with the property on Whatspp by scanning the QR Code

Guests can also start a conversation with your Property on WhatsApp by clicking on the short link

13123139858 is the WhatsApp Business Phone No, including the Country Code. In this example, +1 312 313 9858

Try it!
Point your phone's camera at the QR code. Your phone should be around a foot away from your computer screen when you do this.

Wait for the QR code to scan.