How to get guests to message your property on FB Messenger

The Messenger Platform will allow the Property to send messages to a Guest only if they start the conversation first.

To help drive this initial engagement, there are a number of entry points for people to find and engage with your Property’s Digital Front Desk. These entry points can be set up in Messenger, on Facebook, on the Web and also in the physical world.

Search in Messenger

Messenger users can search for your Property by the hotel name and initiate a conversation with your Digital Front Desk or continue an earlier conversation from where they left off.

Property Facebook Page

When Guests visit the Property’s Facebook Page, the Send Message button on the Facebook Page initiates a new conversation or restarts an earlier conversation with your Property on Messenger.

Guest Chat Plug-in on the Property Website

This integrates the Messenger experience directly into your Property’s website including when the Guests are in the process of booking a room.

Recent chat history between the Guest and your Property’s Digital Front Desk is automatically loaded, thus creating a single experience for the Guests and also enabling the Digital Front Desk to continue the conversation even after the Guest has left the Property page.

Ads that click to Messenger

You can deploy Facebook, Instagram or Messenger Inbox Ads that click to Messenger to start conversations at scale with prospective Guests

Here, you leverage Facebook targeting to find Guests with an intent to travel to your Property’s city/location in the near future, say in the next two weeks. links and QR codes

The short url directs users to your Property’s Digital Front Desk. should be published on the Property website, on email newsletters, on marketing collaterals, on bookings confirmation, on check in reminders, and any other communication that goes to your Guests as also at your property’s physical Front Desk, the Guest Rooms and the Facilities. links can have reference parameters to track where the Guest is actually connecting from. links with or without reference parameters can be displayed as QR codes which can be scanned with the Guest’s phone camera and quickly connect with the property’s Digital Front Desk. link opens the native Messenger app if clicked from a phone and opens on the browser otherwise.

Sponsored Messages

Sponsored messages allow the Property to send highly targeted promotions to the people who have communicated with your Property before, in Messenger.

Sponsored messages may be sent outside the 24-hour standard messaging window.

How Guests can start a conversation with the property on Facebook Messenger by scanning the QR Code

How Guests can start a conversation with the Property on Facebook Messenger by clicking on the short link

Instead of ACE, it will be your property's Facebook page name that will be at the end of the short url above.

Try it!
Point your phone's camera at the QR code. Your phone should be around a foot away from your computer screen when you do this.

Wait for the QR code to scan.