Drive additional revenue from guests who have already booked your hotel

In general, people book their hotels weeks or even months before their trip.

But for other travel-related activities like upgrades, promotions, airport transfers, event reservations and more, people often book these a few days before their departure.

Sales generated from this category of products and services provide additional revenue to your property.

Instead of relying on emails or one-to-one interactions at the front desk, you can now use to automate processes that drive this revenue from the guests who have already booked your hotel.

Your property can use to:

  • Highlight premium inventory that would entice your guests towards upgrading their rooms
  • Grow ancillary revenue by selling guest services like airport pickups and drops and city transportation in sanitized vehicles
  • Enhance guest loyalty and trust by highlighting the standard operating practices at the property that keep guests and associates safe and secure during their stay at the hotel
  • Drive awareness of and sell in advance, on-site amenities such as fully sanitized meeting spaces, private dining and even restaurants, bars and other facilities and amenities that have been reimagined to meet the expectations of the post-covid world.