Back-of-House Collaboration embedded with a Conversational AI engine

Andrea for Associates connects everyone in your hotel like never before, top management to frontline, fulltime to flextime, through a single, secure messaging interface.

And Andrea for Associates extends the Conversational AI prowess of your Digital Front Desk to your associates as well.

Associates Get Moment of Need Help, On Demand

Associates can communicate with their AI assistant Andrea on a familiar messaging interface and get moment of need direction and guidance on any topic related to their work.

Train, Retrain, Empower for the new Normal

Post-covid, hotels have to operate at the best of efficiency. A number of old practices and processes will have given way to new operating procedures.

Andrea for Associates can help associates get trained/retrained, enabled and empowered to this new normal.


Andrea for Associates will also make it easier to onboard new and returning associates.

The conversational AI engine embedded into Andrea for Associates makes it possible to build custom Performance Support Bots in line with the requirements of each hotel.

These Performance Support bots can be built and deployed for onboarding any specific category of your hotel's workforce.

With Andrea for Associates, you enable and empower your workforce to perform at their very best with PRIDE AND DIGNITY.