Intelligent Messaging for Hotels

Streamline hotel operations, create highly personalized guest experiences and maximize property revenues through intelligent messaging.

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Connect your people and departments

The back-of-house messaging at the core of connects everyone in your hotel, top management to frontline, fulltime to flextime.

Communicate, collaborate, share files, search, get moment-of-need help, learn, onboard, all through a single messaging interface.

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Connect with your data, anyplace,

The embedded Conversational AI on delivers key operational data to senior executives on demand through its messaging interface.

Executives can ask questions in plain English through voice or text and get immediate answers anywhere, anytime, without having to log in to the PMS.

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Text with your guests

More than 80% of the travellers would prefer to communicate with your hotel through text. Well, if you were ready!

With, you can message your guests directly from the platform whilst they text you through the messaging channel of their choice - SMS, Whatsapp, Messenger, RCS.

Andrea, your hotel’s AI assistant on fields requests from your guests and responds in under a second whilst routing all actionable items to the right department or associate, back-of-house. (Available: December, 2019)

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Upsell upgrades and offers through messaging

The Smart-Upsell(™) engine embedded in sends targeted real-time offers to guests from booking thru checkout and post-checkout.

You can now upsell room upgrades, offers and amenities through automated text messaging directed at the right guest at the right moment.

Through Smart-Upsell, you stop wasting valuable staff time operating archaic manual systems. And your property starts generating significantly higher revenues whilst delivering a highly personalized guest experience (Available: March, 2020)

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